Sample Healthy Schools Audit

Eco-SchoolsLearning Objectives
• To collect information about toxics and other health-related issues that affect the school building and grounds.
• To draw connections between these issues and the physical health of the school population.

Curriculum Links
Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Citizenship

Eco-Schools USA Pathways
Healthy Schools, School Grounds, Transportation

Sample Healthy Schools Audit

Use the Healthy Schools Audit PDFs to help you assess the health of your school environment. Because there are so many topics to consider, we have provided you with a number of different audits. You can choose which area(s) to focus your work on. You will use the data you collect to create your Healthy Schools Action Plan.

Hazardous Materials Audit
Indoor Air Quality Audit
Mercury Audit
Mold Growth Audit
Laboratory Waste Audit
Pest Management Audit

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Healthy Schools Resource

EPA logo 

The EPA offers a variety of resources to help you understand school environmental health issues and take steps to make your school healthy.

American Federation of Teachers
AFT logo

Check-out AFT's Building Minds, Minding Building publications focused on energy conservationgreen cleaning and school recycling.

Healthy Schools Resource


The Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool (HealthySEAT) is a fully customizable and easy to use software program designed to help school districts evaluate and manage ALL of their environmental, safety and health issues.